A Review of the Small Business & Home Based Income (SB & HBI) Magazine

In light of a world that is more connected than it has ever been and no sign of this trend stopping at all, many people are taking the plunge towards becoming self-employed, working from home, or combining both, and some of the tools that you can use to help you on this step are ezines like Small Business & Home Based Income.

Small Business & Home Based Income is a print magazine based out of New Zealand that is presented in such a way to make it accessible and helpful to the individual who is getting started on such a career or who is considering it.

One of the great benefits that we currently have at our disposal is the fact that there are many sources of information that are open to it. When you take a look at Small Business & Home Based Income, the first thing that you can see is that it has been written by people who actually work in the field. Unlike analysts, this ezine will offer you practical ways to get started and warn you about pitfalls to look out for, something that can be quite handy to the new entrepreneur.

If you are in a situation where you are interested in getting started with a network marketing opportunity, there are plenty of things that you know that you have to keep in mind. In this new and exciting career path, a source like Small Business & Home Based Income can keep you grounded when your head might be swimming with new information and ideas. While this source won't necessarily tell you which investments are good, it can definitely help you figure out how to tell good opportunities from bad.

Small Business & Home Based Income is divided up into several different, sections, each advising you on a different aspect of home marketing. You'll find articles on sales, business management, customer service, personal development and figuring out your own personal business techniques. These are all good areas to work on, and if you are looking for a good way way to figure out the basics, this might be a great way for you to get started.

I placed an ad for my old Reprints Galore CD-ROM about eight years ago in this magazine. It was in the classified section. I was amazed at the website hits and response it gave me. These are mostly people from New Zealand and Australia that subscribe to this magazine, however for extra mailing fees I believe they allow anyone in the world to subscribe. If you have a targeted MLM Program or Business Opportunity you want to make publicly known, I personally don't think it would hurt to place a small classified with this company. Mine was only like $60.00 or so.

Make sure that you don't go into your newest business opportunities flying blind. There are many sources of good information for new entrepreneurs out there and it is important find the ones that are best suited to your situation. There are a lot of reasons to get started with some knowledge under your belt and Small Business & Home Based Income can help you do just that!